Saturday, June 11, 2005

Post No.18: 痛快

Don't be mistaken... I'm no big fan of S.H.E. but I found the lyrics of this song of theirs to be especially positive with the implied message of encouraging people to live Life to the fullest... Cherish this lifetime, it may be the only one we have... Thus, I decided to share it here with you all... Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do... Oh yeah, apologise to those who are unable to understand written Chinese; though I tried translating the lyrics into English but, sadly, my level of proficiency didn't allow me to give what I would personally satisfied with as an apporiate & good translation, thus I didn't include an English version of the lyrics in this post...


痛快去爱 痛快去痛
痛快去悲伤 痛快去感动
生命给了什么 我就享受什么
每颗人间烟火 全都不要错过 (痛快去感受)

每一天 都是一个节庆
每件事 都发生来丰富我的记忆
很好奇 还有谁等着闯进我日记
欢迎光临 亲爱的 请享用我的记忆

笑与哭 都值得用力气
吻和泪 都是该表框纪念的痕迹
很乐意 每段路都有陌生人同行
爱或伤害 都欢呼 都是活过的证据

艳阳暴雨 不要客气
请一直 澎湃我热切的血液

痛快迎接 痛快等候
痛快去试探 痛快去触碰
生命安排什么 我就感谢什么
每颗人间烟火 全都美丽了我

曲: 左安安
词: 施人诚
演唱: S.H.E.

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