Saturday, June 04, 2005

Post No. 17: If The World Was Perfect

If The World Was Perfect

If the world was perfect
How perfect
Things would be

If this world was perfect
War will be over
And the present bloodshed will stop

But this world isn’t perfect
Thus we must struggle towards peace
One step at a time

If this was a perfect world
All of us would be equal
And we will live as one

But this isn’t a perfect world
Hence we can only try to minimise inequality
Through the equality of opportunity

If we lived in a perfect world
We will live together as brothers & sisters
And discrimination will not exist

Yet we don’t live in a perfect world
So we must look beyond differences
And see that we are all part of a common humanity

If it was a perfect world we are living in
Poverty would disappear
Together with the suffering brought by it

But it isn’t a perfect world we are living in
Thus we should try our best
To help the poor with their suffering

If our world was perfect
It would remain unspoiled & pristine
No matter how much damage we do to it

Yet our world isn’t perfect
Hence we must minimise the damage we do
And reverse the damage already done if possible

If a perfect world this was
We can just start all over again
With a blank slate

However a perfect world this is not
So starting all over again isn’t an option
We can only move on with what we have now

If only the world was perfect
How perfect
Things would be

Yet despite what we all dream for
We all know a perfect world isn’t possible
But we can still change it for the better


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