Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Post No.19: Afterthoughts On "Downfall"

I have just finished watching the thought-provoking movie, "Downfall", at Cathay Cineleisure about 15 minutes ago and here I am now, at Orchard Library, typing down my afterthoughts on the film. Why the hurry? I suppose I'm afraid that I would not remember my afterthoughts so clearly and that I would not be able to give full treatment to the emotions & thoughts that the film have stirred in me if I do not type it down soon. So, what follows below would be my own personal afterthoughts about the film and I hope that they provoke some thinking in you all and perhaps spur you all to catch the film yourself...

It greatly disappoints me and make me dishearted at the same time that thought-provoking films of excellent standard do not get as much media coverage, publicity, screenings and box office ratings as the many sub-standard, high budget blockbuster movies out there which happens to have famous movie stars starring in them... Just think about the difference between the treatment received by "Downfall" (which is only screened at Cathay Cineleisure and receive hardly any media coverage or publicity, especially on TV) and "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" (aren't you all getting just a bit tired of seeing Brad Pitt's & Angelina Jolie's faces everywhere & everyday recently?)... Who are we to blame...? Ourselves as moviegoers...? Or the movie industry...?

Is it plain foolhardiness & pure delusional to continue believing, fighting for and dying for a lost cause or is it loyalty, courage & honour that allows one to do so...?

Is it plain foolishness to try live Life as normal or pretend that everything is okay and the same when the world around you is collapsing or is it a brave but hopeless attempt to hold on to Hope...? Do we sympathise with one who tries to grapse desperately at Hope when all hope seemed to be lost or do we look upon him as somewhat insane & delusional...?

Which requires more courage...? To give up, surrender, resign to one's fate and die when all hope seem to be lost or to continue trying, struggling and living...?

Are we humans still ruled by our inborn primal instincts and bound by the laws of nature or have we already overcome & gone beyond them...? Are we humans really above & superior to the rest of Nature or is this just an anthropo-centric concept of ours (cross-reference the idea that humans are only the 3rd most intelligent beings on Earth in "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy")...?

Is it Love that makes one to deny Life and the future to one's loved ones because one thinks that Life is no longer worth living for them and that the future holds no promise for them or is it just pure selfishness on one's part...?

So many questions, yet so little answers... Perhaps some questions are better left unanswered and maybe they don't have any definite answers at all...

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