Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Thank You, Dr. Thio..."

Perhaps you all have already seen this before (quite possible since the original note was posted on the 3rd of May) but I only stumbled upon this Facebook note two days ago when a friend of mine shared it on his Facebook page. And I thought I will share it with you all. Note: any spelling or other types of errors are those of the original author.

"My words of thanks and sympathy to Dr Thio Su Mien, ex "Feminist Mentor" to AWARE"

by Micah Lim

Thank you

Dr Thio, I would like to thank you personally and on behalf of Singapore for taking brave steps to fight for your cause. We have learnt valuable lessons through you. You are indeed a remarkable "Feminist Mentor".

1. Thank you for reminding all Singaporeans that extremists and fundamentalists do exist in Singapore, and as a diverse country with multi-racial, multi-religion, we are constantly under this threat of being sabotaged.

2. Thank you for the coup at AWARE, hoping to impose your religious beliefs on others but ended up only to unite Singaporeans who believe in democracy and the equal rights for all.

3. Thank you for reminding christains and other religious group that everyone's choice of religion and belief must be respected. Everyone has freedom of choice, no one can impose on others. You have demonstrated that being religious fanatical can be so dangerous to a society.

4. Thank you for shedding light on the church of our saviour, so that the whole of Singapore now all knows the prejudice that some churches have over marginalised groups.

5. Thank you for choosing a team of women whoonly have a high opinion of themselves, never does their homework, have any passion on women's welfare or have leadership abilities so that they can be deafeated at the AGM. If your ladies were not defeated, there may be chaos.

6. Thank you for building up the Gay Pride spirit in Singapore. You think you have rallied your troops to carry out god's words to eradicate sins and keep Singaporeans within the line, but what you have effectively done is to unite the gay community and the bond has never been stronger than now. And who knows, you may be remembered as the woman who is the catalyst for the repeal of 377A.

7. Thank you for having squandered money at AWARE without the members' permission, giving the old guards one more point to fire at your ladies. And yes, btw, how do you plan to pay back the S$90,000? Or are your going to feign ignorance?

8. Thank you for braving the front, take away so much limelight from Josie, so that she gets a breather and making the lives of millions of Singaporeans so much more colourful as Singaporeans are being introduced to you and terms like "Feminist Mentor". You know, we now have a new term - 'Thioliban versus Taliban' being inspired by you. And oh yes, page 73 cover girl and 'RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!'. You must be so proud of them.

9. Thank you for telling us how ignorant some fundamentalists can be, and how out of touch and misunderstood one can be. But I would like to tell you, and it is not important whether you agree or not, that gays are mostly borned, and it is not a diease. And gays or lesbians can led a meaningful and happy life, and not in pain like you choose to believe.

10. Thank you for casting such a bad light on christianity and christians in Singapore, dishonouring many christians, which in itself is not a good thing but at least, all christians can learn from your works. At least we also know that stumbling blocks to christianity like yourself can be removed if the right actions are taken. We also now know that the majority of christians in Singapore are peace loving, and beliebe in mutual respects towards other religions.

11. Thank you for making me so proud and appreciative of the Singapore government. Despite ocassional grouses I may have, I deeply appreciate our government for all the hard work through the years trying to maintain religious and racial harmonies. Without you, Dr Thio, I would never have understood why our government emphasize so much on harmony in our country. I am also deeply impressed by the stand and decisive steps our government ministers have taken to reinforce and maintain the current status quo of social equality and harmony. My utmost respects and appreciation towards the heads of the christians community and other religious groups for their respect towards relgious harmony.

12. Thank you for building so much awareness for AWARE, and for helping to increase the memberships more than tenfold. hopefully this will also help in AWARE's future fund raising efforts. You are indeed superb, Dr Thio. And oh yes, don't forget to pick up the tab for the S$90,000 spending spree that your girls have squandered without legal permission.

13. There are so many things I want thank you for, but personally, you have made me feel so glad to know that Singaporeans will still stand up for what they think is right. Singaporeans will fight for justice, equality and when something is not right, they will fight for their cause.

14. Last but not least, Dr Thio, your efforts has made me believe that although sometimes life may not be fair all the time, justice will always prevail in the end. True righteousness will always trimuph over the self-righteous.

I will have a good night's sleep tonight....yawn...

My Sympathy to you

1. My sympathy to you for having to mentor such a disorganised, incompetent and insincere group of mentees. It must be hard on you.

2. My sympathy to you that your last chance(well likely to be as you probably won't have many chances left at your age) to achieve some form greatness has collapsed into a huge shame. It is hard, really hard for you to ever redeem yourself.

3. I sympathise that your generations of family will have to live with the burden your actions and that generations of Singaporeans will come to remember you. Imagine someone who knows your grandson remember his granmother once orchestrated a coup?

4. My sympathy to you for being so ignorant of people around you. You do live in a world of your own. Do you really think you are more superior than the marginalised group?

5. My sympathy to you for overestimating your youself, thinking that you will surely have the support of your church, the media, the government and Singaporeans. You have lost touch, you don't know what others are thinking, again you live in your own world. You have underestimated the GAY PRIDE. I think you will never ever understand what it is all about but nevermind.

5. I sympathise with you for having to answer to MOE about your basless accusations and hopefully, you can cunningly get away with it.

6. I sympathise with you for dying for people to respect you and thristy for that glory of attention just to be snubbed that 'respect needs to be earned' in front of thousands of people and published in the newspapers.

7. I sympathise with you for walking onto the AWARE stage with an air of arrogance and style, just to walk down the same stage with shame, so much shame that you couldn't even bring youself to face the members to admit defeat, leaving it to your mentees to face everyone.

8. I sympathise with you for trying so hard to redeem your own life by starting this debacle, just to end in such dishonourable manner.

9. I sympathise you for being in pain, before the debacle and now. Especially now. I understand that often, the people who think that others are in pain are usually the one in pain themselves. You need help yourself.

Sigh........ I feel so sorry for you. Poor thing. But don't worry, time will heal.

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