Friday, March 06, 2009

Event: Reel Horizons Series II -- "Who Owns What?" by NUS Philosophy Department

What: "A film and discussion session on the implications of coporate ownership. Come and debate with our panelists as we explore the issue and make your voice heard. The film will be "The Corporation," directed by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott, and Joel Bakan"

Who: The panellists would include Assistant Professor Christopher Brown, Assistant Professor Kyle Swan and Associate Professor Anh Tuan Nyuen

When: 10/3/2009, Tuesday, 1400h-1600h

Where: NUS Central Library Level 4, Theatrette 2 (please refer to here for a map of the place)

For inquiries, please contact and/or 65163896

Facebook event page

Note: As NUS Central Library only allows entry to visitors with either NUS staff or student identification cards (visitors are required to scan their identification cards near the entrance before entry is allowed), if any of you all are not from the NUS community but are interested in attending the event, you are advised to first contact the event organisers (who, the last time I checked, are negotiating with the library administration on the issue of allowing non-NUS people to enter the library to attend the event).

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