Friday, March 06, 2009

Event: "The Recession and Its Impact on Singapore Society" by NUSDSC

I was recently notified about two events and thought that I should share the information about them with those of you all who may be interested in attending them; I would post the information for the first event here and for the second event in the following post.

What: "The NUS Democratic Socialist Club will be organizing a seminar titled The Recession and Its Impact On Singapore Society. It focuses on the ongoing recession, its profound and crippling impact on the economy and how it transcends directly to society."

Who: The speakers will be Professor Alexius Pereira (Sociology Dept), Professor Sam Ouliaris (NUS Business Sch), Ms Corrine Ong (Director, NUS Career Centre)

When: 18/3/2009, Wednesday, 1830h-2000h

Where: LT14, NUS (please refer to here for a map of the place)

For reservation, please email the NUSDSC president Fairus Jasmin at

Facebook event page

Refreshments, in the form of halal food, would be provided.

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