Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Global Electoral College: Who Will You Vote For?

I came across this initiative by The Economist when I was going through my daily dose of RSS news feeds. Thought that I will share it here with those amongst you all who may have been paying attention to the US presidential contest and desire to express your support for your preferred candidate.

Global Electoral College: The world gets to vote

"THE outcome of America's presidential election is of some interest to the rest of the world. Only Americans are eligible to vote in the real thing but The Economist’s new feature, the Global Electoral College, lets the world have a say. We have redrawn the electoral map to include every country on the planet. But since it is America's election, we are playing by its rules. The electoral-college system means that Americans do not vote directly. Instead the ballot decides who wins a state's electoral-college votes, the number of which is based roughly on its population. Under our system each country is allocated a minimum of three votes with more added in proportion to population, giving a total of 9,875 in all. So cast your vote and then keep an eye on the results to test the theory that, if the world could choose, Barack Obama would stroll into the White House. Voting will close at midnight London time on November 1st"

I have already cast my vote but don't ask me who I voted for; my vote is secret.

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