Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mizuno Wave Run 2006

My tag number... 4D, anyone...? B-)

The "outstanding" lime green event T-shirt all participants of the run received. Looks like one of those Corrective Work Order (CWO) vests, doesn't it?

I took part in the Mizuno Wave Run 2006 this morning.

Managed to get a self-timed timing of 1 hour & 59 seconds for the 10km run; this is neither my best timing nor is it the timing I was hoping for but, considering that the last time I actually ran 10km was last December, I suppose this is not too bad a timing (or am I just attempting to console myself?).

Recognised quite a few familiar faces at the run. By my count, I saw 2 of my secondary school CCA mates, a lower secondary classmate of mine helping out as a route marshaller (or at least I think that marshaller looked like that classmate of mine), 2 of my JC CCA mates, a guy from my NSF company and 5 commanders from my NSF unit (of which 3 are Enciks). It's a small world.

Next major run on my calendar: New Balance Real Run 2006 (20th August).

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