Monday, April 10, 2006

Post No. 61b: Pieces of Memories... From REC To ORD... My NS Experience... (Part II)

Exercise India'2005 - continued

The men & specialists of Platoon 11 (with our "dear" Encik sitting in the corner)

Band of brothers... We came, we saw & we definitely conquered!

Sunset over India

Me outside the camp compound the Indian Army built for us

Walls of an ancient hilltop fortress my company visited

during the R&R period

The majestic Taj Mahal (with me, unfortunately, spoiling the picture)

Group shot at Taj Mahal (oh yeah, that's our Encik, squatting right

in front, without his "makeup")

NDP2005 Mobile Column


Nahh... It's an antenna with a mini Singapore flag on it...

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