Monday, April 10, 2006

Post No. 61a: Pieces of Memories... From REC To ORD... My NS Experience... (Part I)


Duty, Honour, Country! Ninja Company!

Move like lightning! Shout like thunder! (Best at smoking out!)

46SAR NDP2004

I'm somewhere in there... Wearing red...

Can you all find me...?

Exercise Wallaby'2004

Cheetah Company Platoon 11 and our armoured vehicles

If I don't remember wrongly, I'm on the centre AFV...

Me & some of my platoon mates taking a horse carriage ride

during the R&R period at Rockhampton Heritage Village

At a cottage

Group shot

Enjoying our lunch...

Or was it dinner...? I really can't remember...

Exercise India'2005

Me in my combat attire with my combat gear in India

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