Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Post No. 54a: Wish You Well

Wish You Well

Before I start
I need to tell you something
It wasn't easy for me to write this

Wrote it I still did
As I now understand that perhaps we were never meant to be

Don't worry
I' m not trying to win your heart with this poem
I know your heart already belongs to him

Don't worry
What happened between you and me
Is now another piece of memory buried deep in my mind

Seeing how happy you two are together
I suppose instead of being jealous
I should give you my well wishes

I wish you well
May you find everlasting happiness with him
I'm happy if you're happy

I wish you well
May he always be there when you need him
There is only so much a normal guy friend like me can do for you

Don't worry about me
I will move on
And find my special someone sooner or later

Finally just a piece of advice for you my friend
Remember that it is better to have loved & lost
Than never to love at all


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