Sunday, December 02, 2012

Michael Sandel - "Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?"

I recently made an overseas trip and while visiting a bookshop there, I came upon Professor Michael Sandel's "Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?". Browsing through the book (which I eventually bought), I realised that it was based on a lecture series by Professor Sandel that explored issues related to moral and political philosophy. I also realised that the lectures have been recorded and placed online for public viewing.

Hence, back in Singapore, I went onto Youtube in search of the video recordings of the lectures. I managed to find them and have since watched till Episode Four of the series. And I must admit that I enjoyed them greatly (particularly Episode Three but I shall refrain from giving spoilers); so much so that I am recommending them to you all.

The Moral Side of Murder and The Case For Cannibalism

As you all would see from Episode One of the series above, instead of giving a conventional lecture, Professor Sandel engages his audience through giving thought-provoking examples and questions. He also manages to link the philosophical questions he is discussing about with real-life and contemporary issues.

Thus, for those unfamiliar with moral and political philosophy or have the impression that it is a boring and esoteric realm of study, I would recommend you all to try watching the lecture series to see how exciting and relevant moral and political philosophy can be. And as for those who are already acquainted with moral and political philosophy, I suppose you all would also enjoy watching the lecture series because of the refreshing and engaging style the topics are presented and discussed.

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