Friday, June 18, 2010

Filial Piety -- Father and Son

With Mandarin subtitles

With English subtitles

With Malay subtitles

With Tamil subtitles

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B.C. said...

The omission of the fact in 'Filial Piety: Father and Son' [video: ] that Granny is actually 'demented' remains the severe flaw of this video, resulting in the audience being misled, or worse- forced into accepting the wrong values. 'Filial Piety: Father and Son' is thus a seriously flawed production and ought to be either immediately rectified or withdrawn.
- "Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia and is NOT part of normal aging."~ Video 'Going Home' [video: ] (Singapore Polytechnic)- Award: First Prize; Produced by Kirill Tee, Directed by Vinn Bay
- [ST5July2010]: Educate people about filial piety, don't demand it [link: ]
- [ST23Jun2010]: Does ad convey right values? [link: ]

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