Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Ridge editorial board vs NUSSU Exco?

For the past few days, although I am no loyal fan of it, I have been wondering why The Ridge (a NUS student publication) has yet to release a new issue in the current semester.

The answer, it seems, according to this statement released by The Ridge's Chief Editor is the NUSSU Exco's decision to cancel the publication of the January issue of The Ridge, "citing the late publication date of the issue as the reason".

In fact, reading the Chief Editor's statement in its entirety, it would appear to me that there exist a few long-standing contentious issues between The Ridge's editorial board and the NUSSU Exco. The Chief Editor's decision to release his statement in such a public sphere indicates, to me, that the decision by the NUSSU Exco to cancel the publication of the January issue is perhaps the straw that broke the camel's back for The Ridge editorial board.

Of course, so far, we only have one side of the story as provided by The Ridge's editorial board. It remains to be seen if the NUSSU Exco will provide its side of this story.

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