Friday, October 30, 2009

A short documentary film about food and poverty -- "Chicken a la Carte"

A JC friend of mine shared the following video on her Facebook page and I thought it was necessary for me to share it with a larger audience.

In the end, as my Human Rights lecturer from two semesters ago would have pointed out: it's not an issue of there being not enough food, it's about there being an unequal distribution of food resources.

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Jezebella said...

Your lecturer is correct. Developed countries are wasting millions of food (in physical count) on a daily basis. Also count in the food we threw away because we weren't able to finish them.

Now imagine how many people the food we waste can go to countries such as Africa, where people are practically starving to death?

Anonymous said...

I wanted to share with you something similar, that is an issue very close to most of us, the planet earth and its valuable resources and how we treat its environment as collective humanity.

it is short film, made from contributions by 500 film makers from 114 countries which was premiered worldwide this week to over 1 million people.

please watch it, and if you choose do tweet it and share it with our community, our world needs to really embody the planet to its core and lead the world in global change.

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