Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"V for Vendetta" censored?

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead; do not read if you all have not read/watch "V for Vendetta" and are intending to do so.

Having watched the movie "V for Vendetta" in the cinema when it was first released in Singapore and having read, for several times, the graphic novel it is based on, I felt that there was something amiss with the version shown on TV yesterday night (Channel 5, 2200h-0030h).

I noticed that the segment involving Evey's imprisonment by V seem somewhat shortened; one moment, she was still being tortured and suddenly, she overcame her fear of death. What was even more weird was that in a later scene in which Evey was confronting V, she can be seen showing holding on tightly to what appears to be a parchment of sorts.

The parchment in Evey's hand reminded me (and I checked with my copy of the graphic novel) that the reason she overcame her fear of death was because she was inspired by the autobiography written by a lesbian prisoner.

Realising the above, it was evident to me that the segment involving Evey reading the autobiography of the lesbian prisoner was removed because of its positive reference to homosexual themes; this was, of course, not the first time, that local TV censored positive references to homosexuality.

For those of you all who watched last night's censored version of "V for Vendetta" (and also those of you all who are curious about what was censored out), here's what you did not see...

P.S. I find it rather ironic that the local TV should censor "V for Vendetta", in light of the anti-censorship theme contained within the movie.

P.S. 29/7/2012 I also find it most ironic that while the lesbian story is censored, this other segment is left intact.


wanhaddadsalleh said...

Today is 23 March 2011. Coincidentally 2 years since you wrote this and 5, since V for Vendetta opened in cinemas. Nothing has change. Last night Mediacorp TV Channel 5 screened it again, censored. I found your blog just as curiosity developed when there were much discrepancies with the transitions of the film. True enough, Londoners have been tweeting abt Valerie's monologue which inspired Evy in the prison cell. And that was what Singaporean missed. A drop of hope & courage censored from, like you said, the contradicting themes of the film. 5 years on and freedom, fairness & justice (on media forms in sg) still lacked in this country.

Anonymous said...

this morning i saw the movie on the channel MBC2 and WTF, they censored lot of it's parts, the letters from the lesbian actress and the whole thing related to the Quran , and most od the inspiration quiets about governments that V said!
it's an idea, and they can't kill the idea, or arrest it ! just spread it!

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