Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sleepy MPs in Parliament?

Yesterday morning, as I was flipping through the pages of 《联合早报》/Lianhe Zaobao, I came across this article reporting about a Q&A session that participants of the third National Youth Forum had with Mr. Abdullah Tarmugi, Singapore's Speaker of Parliament.

Specifically, what caught my eye was the answer given by Mr. Abdullah Tarmugi in response to a question on the phenomenon of Members of Parliament (MPs) dozing off during parliamentary sittings.

I quote from the article:



Translated, the above segment says:

When asked about the phenomenon of MPs dozing off during parliamentary sittings, Mr. Abdullah Tarmugi said that such a situation is perhaps inevitable. This is considering that since parliamentary sittings usually start from 1.30pm, some MPs may have too heavy a lunch beforehand, therefore causing them to feel sleepy. Also, some MPs may give long-winding speeches and cause their colleagues to doze off.

"Sometimes, in order to prevent myself from also dozing off, I will try to make debates more relaxed."

Hmm... While I can appreciate the rationale behind Mr. Abdullah Tarmugi's answer (I mean, I also experienced becoming rather sleepy when attending afternoon lectures after I have consumed lunch beforehand; that lecture theaters are air-conditioned does not help), I cannot help but wonder if MPs know they have to attend parliamentary sessions in the afternoon, perhaps they can try to not have too heavy a lunch beforehand?


chillycraps said...

or they can eat kopiko to stay awake.

Anonymous said...


Well done, Mr. Abdullah Tarmugi, sir !

I like your answers, the MPs in question will love you for speaking on their behalf.

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