Sunday, September 07, 2008

Reel Horizons Series I: "The Abortion Ethics Debate"

A friendly acquaintance of mine sent me an invitation to the following event (which I may be attending) organised by the NUS Philosophy Department and thought that I should post it up here for those of you all who may be interested in attending the event. The event should be open to the public.

Theatrical Trailer of "Lake of Fire" (the film of which excerpts will be shown during the event)

And just in case you all were not able to read the event details properly in the event poster above...

When: 11th September 2008, 4-6pm

Where: NUS, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, LT10 (consult this map if necessary)

What: "A film cum discussion session on the abortion ethics debate. Come and debate with our panelists as we explore the issue and make your voice heard. The film will be "Lake of Fire" by enfant terrible, directed by Tony Kaye"

For further enquires, please email

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