Monday, July 21, 2008

Updates on the Mas Selamat saga...

Was browsing through my RSS news feeds when I came across these two interesting news articles from CNA...

CNA: "S$1m reward for information leading to capture of Mas Selamat"

CNA: "Tip-offs on Mas Selamat can be made to 999 or 1800-2626473"

Hmm... I wonder if this offer of a S$1 million reward is a hint that the hunt for Mas Selamat has perhaps reached a bottleneck. I also cannot help but wonder if, considering that he has not been caught yet for so long, this offer of reward would really be effective in tracking down the whereabouts of Mas Selamat. And I wonder if the local police and the Counter Terrorism Centre would, in the coming days after news of this S$1 million reward is out, be flooded with a deluge of false tip-offs and/or prank calls (More arrests of prank callers coming up soon?)...

Well, hopefully, some progress would, despite my scepticism, be made due to this offer of a S$1 million reward...


Anonymous said...

This is called "running out of idea". Hmmm, in these hard times, these businessmen rather donate money out than to use the money to keep their businesses going. I guess that their workers will not have bonuses this year or next.

Really, this is their money???

Wanhin said...

One is made to think:
"S$1 million? Which individual(s) would fork out such money as a bounty on Selamat Jalan's head?"

Not commonfolk like you or me, that I can be sure of.

So the other 2 biggest avenue of this cashpot would be steming from either
(1) Rich businessmen who wish MSK caught, for the safety of the country and the stability and confidence that can be credited to Singapore's economy, or
(2) The government itself, plonking the money out behind a moniker of "2 anonymous businessmen"

The former would suggest that powerful businessmen (these 2 bigwigs at least) themselves can no longer trust the government to handle this security lapse, seeing no headway in the search for MSK.

And if the latter would be true, it would reek of utter desperation. "We can't catch him through institutionalised means, so why not try dangling a carrot? Its worked so many times before for singaporeans. See how its worked for elections all these years. Surely it would work for this!"

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