Saturday, June 07, 2008

SMUN 2008 (2/6-6/6)

Yesterday, after 5 long days, I returned back from SMUN 2008. In contrast with last year when I helped out as an usher, I was a research expert for one of the academic committees this year.

So what I do have to say about my experience this year, including also the pre-conference preparation?

Hmm... I guess that, honestly speaking, I was initially mildly concerned about how some stuff appeared to be somewhat messed up but I guess things eventually straightened themselves out during the course of the actual event. Of course, since nothing can be perfect, there inevitably remain areas for improvement. In the end, considering the various sorts of constraints, especially those of a budgetary nature and related to manpower, the organising committee had to deal with, I suppose this year's SMUN can be considered a qualified success.

That aside, similar to last year, though I did manage to make some new acquaintances, I again did not manage to know those present at the conference (both staff and delegates) as well as I can.

And lest I forget, I find it most interesting that similar to last year, the delegates in my academic committee also staged a walkout during one of the committee sessions. This time round, it was the "Western bloc", and not the "Eastern bloc", that walked out. In the end, a delegate from the "Western bloc" managed to hammer out a compromise with those who did not walk out and thereby earning his delegation the "Nobel Peace Prize". However, this delegation's eventual voting decision on draft resolutions perhaps made it the least likable delegation by those in the "non-Western bloc"; of course, on the personal level, they all remain friends.

As for the question of whether I would continue to help out for next year's SMUN (if there's one, hopefully), I suppose that, for now, my answer would tentatively be "undecided" with a slight inclination towards "no"; guess I have enough of SMUN for the time being. Perhaps when the time for preparing for SMUN 2009 comes around, I would again be persuaded enough to help out.

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