Sunday, April 06, 2008

NUS's The Ridge vs SDP: Censorship or Editorial Prerogative?

Three months ago, on 18th January, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) organised a public forum on local election reform.

Shortly after that, on 4th February, The Ridge, a NUS student publication, featured a report about this forum in both its online and print versions.

However, recently, on 3rd April, the SDP, on its website, accused The Ridge of practising censorship because the latter did not publish the full transcript of an interview it had with the SDP's secretary-general, Dr. Chee Soon Juan, together with the abovementioned report.

And, getting wind of the allegations made against by the SDP, The Ridge, on 6th April, swiftly published a post on its online edition to refute the allegations.

Now, as of this point in time, it would seem that the SDP has been notified about The Ridge's refutation against it.

Would there be any reaction from the SDP in response to the refutation published by The Ridge? If there is a reaction, would The Ridge then have a counter-response? I don't know about you all but I think I will be keeping an eye on further developments.

And, lastly, I suppose the critical question to ask would be: does The Ridge's non-publishing of the interview with Dr. Chee constitue censorship or editorial prerogative? Well, for now, I am leaning towards the latter answer.

P.S. 7/4/2008

Not unexpectedly, the SDP, after knowing about The Ridge's refutation of the claims made against it by the SDP, published this on their website to question the claim by The Ridge about the interview with Dr. Chee being a "part of the research process".

Hmm... Your move, The Ridge?

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Jieq said...

And we wonder why SDP is always so easy to dismiss. When they get into high-jinks like this who can blame the public for not taking Dr. Chee seriously!

I am disappointed that such a furore can and should be raised. They are students guys, half of them won't remember most of the things they say and the other half won't be saying much anyway. Cut him a break and just let it go. Better to get some column inches than NONE at all...

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