Monday, January 07, 2008

About The NSP's And SPP's Recruitment of New Members

Considering how the PAP's (or rather the Young PAP) recruitment of new members have been in the news recently, I just thought that I will highlight to you all, especially those of you all do not subscribe to 《联合早报》/Lianhe Zaobao, these two recent articles by 《联合早报》/Lianhe Zaobao about the National Solidarity Party's (NSP) and Singapore People's Party's (SPP) ongoing efforts at recruiting new members.

“主席张培源:来届大选 团结党要物色至少10新候选人”/"NSP President: NSP intends to have at least 10 new candidates for the next general election" (18/12/2007, 《联合早报》)

“引进新人 走访选区 人民党为大选做准备”/"Induction of new members, Constituency visits, SPP readies itself for elections" (5/1/2008, 《联合早报》)

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