Thursday, August 09, 2007

The "Invisible Poor" of Singapore...?

The above video is produced by Mr. Martyn See [a.k.a. the director of the (in)famous "political film" Singapore Rebel, which I will not provide a link to since I am not sure about the legality of doing so but I think that video can also still be found on the internet].

The following is a description of "Nation Builders" from Mr. See's blog:

"The wealth generated by Singapore's much-touted economic success story has not benefited everyone, least of all its senior citizens, a.k.a. the nation builders. Filmed on the streets and back-alleys of downtown Singapore in July 2007, this video does not contain any enactments or acting. Directed, shot and edited by Martyn See. Running time : 14 minutes"

And the following is an excerpt from PM Lee Hsien Loong's National Day Speech 2007:

"One reason our income gap is widening is our ageing population. Singaporeans are living longer than ever. We must help our elderly live comfortably by keeping medical care affordable, making our city barrier-free, and our public transport wheelchair friendly. Those with enough savings will feel secure about their future. But workers who retire too early may not have enough savings for their old age. I know many older Singaporeans worry about whether they can make ends meet. We are making changes to help you to work longer, earn more and build up your retirement savings. We will enhance the value of your HDB homes, which are a nest-egg for old age. We will improve the CPF scheme, so that you can enjoy a steady income and peace of mind in your golden years"

"The Government cannot solve all these problems alone. Everyone must play a part. We each must take responsibility for ourselves, make the effort to do well, and provide for our families and our old age. At the same time, the more successful Singapo­reans must pitch in to help the weaker ones. The more you have gained from society, the greater your obligation to give back something to your fellow citizens. Let your giving come from the heart. Many Singaporeans have done so quietly. To grow as a nation, we need to be compassionate as well as competitive. As we spur one another on to perform and excel, we must also work together and care for those in need"

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