Saturday, July 22, 2006

Post No. 77b: Still Human After All

Still Human After All

Many differences
We all can see
Between ourselves and others around us

These differences
We all know
May take many various forms

Differ we may in the colour of our skin
In what we believe in
Or the language that we speak

There are those around us
Who choose to see only these differences
Hating those different from them

But I say to you all
Look beyond these superficial differences
And see the similarities we all share

But I say to all of you
See not only what divides us
But recognise that which unites us

Despite the difference in skin colour
Do we not still bleed blood of the same colour
If we are pricked?

Though we may believe in different things
Do we not all hope for a better future
Not only for ourselves but also for our children?

Speak in different tongues we may
But yet words are still just words
An unspoken language we still all speak

Many differences
We all can see
Between ourselves & those around us

Yet despite all these differences
We are more alike than we are different
For we are all still human after all


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