Sunday, May 21, 2006

About Today's (21/5/2006) "Foxtrot" Comic Strip in Sunday Lifestyle...

For those who have seen today's "Foxtrot" comic strip, that is the one in which the character Jason Fox was shown performing a tap dance & remarking to his friend that he didn't make it into the talent show because one of the judges knew Morse Code, I suppose you all will be wondering what message Jason Fox was tap-dancing out...

Well, I wondered also and since I have a copy of the Morse Code handy & having too much time on my hands, I decided to decode the "tap-dance message"... Taking each "tap" and taaap" as a dot and a dash respectively and referring to my copy of the Morse Code, I managed to decode the message in less than 5 minutes...

What did the message say...? Hmm... I guess you all just have to decode it yourself... It's only a 22 letter message after all... Haa...

And for those who, unlike me, don't have a copy of the Morse Code handy, here's one for you all free-of-charge...

A= .-
B= -...
C= -.-.
D= -..
E= .
F= ..-.
G= --.
H= ....
I= ..
J= .---
K= -.-
L= .-..
M= --
N= -.
O= ---
P= .--.
Q= --.-
R= .-.
S= ...
T= -
U= ..-
V= ...-
W= .--
X= -..-
Y= -.--
Z= --..

P.S. 7/7/2007
I have added a picture of the comic strip for reference.

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