Monday, November 14, 2005

Post No. 39: Well You're Wrong

Well You’re Wrong

Hey you!
Yes you!
I got something to tell you

You think you are so great
With your fanciful education
That you know everything there is to know

Well you’re wrong
There remain so many things out there
Which you don’t even know you don’t know about

And know this too
Though knowledge may be power
Being more educated doesn’t necessarily make you superior to the rest

You think Life is just for your enjoyment
That the world is your private playground
And that the universe revolves around you

Well you’re wrong
There’s definitely more to Life
Than you & your desires

Open your eyes & look around you
You’ll see the many people who need your help
And the many problems the world still faces

You think that you’re only one individual
A voice amongst many others
Unable to do anything to improve the world

Well you’re wrong
A single individual you may be
But nonetheless believe that you have something worth contributing

It doesn’t matter
How big or small your contribution is
What matter is that you cared enough to contribute

If you think that this poem was written as a wake-up call
To wake you up from all your selfish dreams & mistaken assumptions
Well you’re right


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