Sunday, October 16, 2005

Post No. 35: Those Were The Days

Just something I came up with the day after a reunion dinner with my primary school classmates on October 1st (which, coincidentally, was Children's Day)...

Those Were The Days

Do you all still remember
My friends
Those days we spent together?

Those were the days
When we were younger & innocent
And things were much simpler than they are now

Those were the days
When nothing seem impossible to us
The world in our eyes was filled with possibilities

Those were the days
Before we embarked onto a new phase of our lives
An exciting yet confusing phase called teenagehood

Those were the days
When voices started to break
And curves began to blossom

Those were the days
When Children’s Day was our day
A day of no work & all play

Those were the days
When the Macarena was still in vogue
And Jay Chou was just another name that meant nothing to us

Those were the days
Which we fondly remember
Filled with laughter as we reminisce about them

Those were the days
When our bonds of friendship were first forged
Bonds that still hold strong today

Yes I know
We can’t live forever in the past
Move on in Life we still must

There’s one thing none of us can deny
Those were the days


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cos they lied, said...

hey! john here. that's a poem that really illustrates the reluctance to part man. were you an Arts student? haha.. go check out my blog and link me up too! i've linked you to my blog already.. =)

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