Monday, July 11, 2005

Post No. 22: Writing A Poem

Writing A Poem

Don’t be fooled
By the many poems
That I have written

It isn’t easy
You know
To write a poem

To write a poem
A lot of thought is necessary
Especially if a good poem is desired

To write a poem
Inspiration of some sort will be required
And that don’t come that easily

Even with inspiration
Appropriate words still need to be found
To express the inspiration fully

A balance needs to be struck
Between being too wordy
And being overly brief

Great care must also be taken
Not to become too preachy
When trying to infuse a poem with meaning

No easy task it is too
Being original and interesting at the same time
When there are so many great poems and poets out there

Writing a poem
It doesn’t come easy
To an amateur poet like me


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