Sunday, May 22, 2005

Post No.15: A Better World

A Better World

As all of us should know
This is an imperfect world
We all are living in

The problems this world faces
Just seem too great to endure anymore

Please don’t lose hope
Hope may be the only thing we all have left

Believe it or not
We can change this world for the better

Though it may seem impossible
A better world
Is possible

Though I may be a dreamer
A better world
Isn’t just a dream we all can’t realise

That dream can be realised
If we find the determination in our hearts
To contribute towards a better world

We may be just individuals
But a single lit candle
Can illuminate an entire room

Remember also that
We are not alone
In the cause for a better world

Remember also that
A better world won’t just drop from the sky
A lot of hard work would be necessary

So what are we still waiting for?
Let’s get on our feet and start doing something right away
For a better world


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