Thursday, March 03, 2005

Post No. 4a: "Cherish This Lifetime"

Cherish This Lifetime

Have you ever on a starry night
Look up at the night sky
And marveled at the beauty of the stars high above?

Have you ever on a rainy day
Taken the time to remain quiet
To listen to the music of the falling raindrops?

Have you ever on cloudy day
Gaze at the clouds above
Letting your imagination run free as to what they resemble?

Have you ever after a long cold night
Be thankfully contented
When drinking an otherwise ordinary cup of hot drink?

Have you ever
Spent some time to stop for a while
And appreciate the simple things in Life?

Or have you
Been rushing through Life so fast
That you neglected to see the beauty in the world around you?

Take my advice
Slow down a bit
You’ll see things in a way like never before

Don’t worry
Wherever you’re planning to go to
You’ll get there in time

Is a marathon
Not a 100m sprint

Cherish the time you have been given with
Don’t waste it chasing after things you can live without

Thought up of while doing a night live-firing exercise in India(Inspiration sometimes comes to you in the most unexpected of places & times…)

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